FAQ Page

These are the most frequently asked questions.  All information comes from the District Website and the PLE Parent/Student handbooks.

PLE Parent/Student Handbook:  

SCHOOL HOURS: (PLE Parent/Student Handbook pg. 21)
  • The academic school day begins at 8:25 a.m. and ends at 3:15 p.m.
  • Students may not enter the school building prior to the start of the school day. Between 8:10-8:25 a.m., teachers and students are in their classrooms to interact on an informal basis and make preparations for the day. 
OFFICE (PLE Parent/Student Handbook pg. 10)
  • Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily. The office staff can address or direct all concerns, questions and compliments to the appropriate staff member. - (610) 869-9803.
VOLUNTEER CLEARANCES (PLE Parent/Student Handbook pg. 20)
  • In order to assist teachers in the educational program and to give students the benefits of exposure to the diverse talents and skills represented in this community, the Avon Grove School District shall encourage a program of school volunteer assistance.
  • Please see School Board Policy #916.
EMERGENCY CLOSING (PLE Parent/Student Handbook pg. 21-22)
  • Official notification of emergency school closings or late openings/early dismissals will be sent by phone or email. Please make sure we have your correct contact information. Closings can also be heard on local radio stations WCOJ (1420am), WCHE (1540am), WDEL (1150am), KYW (1060am), WJBR (99.5fm), and (WSTW 93.7fm), as well as local television stations. The District code is #859. Information is also posted on the District website.
  • Please be sure to talk with your child about what he/she should do in case of an unexpected, early school closing. Plan together where your child should go if you work and school is dismissed early due to an unforeseen problem.
PICK UP (PLE Parent/Student Handbook pg. 21)
  • Please note: Due to safety concerns, we have revised our pick up line procedures.
  • If you need to pick up your child at dismissal time, we must have a note in the morning specifying the date and the person picking up your child. Your child must give your note to his/her teacher. It serves as a ticket to the CAR LINE. If a note was sent in with the child in the morning, students will be dismissed through the CAR LINE at 3:10 P.M at the side of the building. Please do not come in early, wait in the front lobby, or sign out from the office to avoid our pick up line. Please remain in your car while in the CAR LINE. It would be helpful if you placed a sign with your last name on the passenger side car visor or dashboard to assist us. Staff will ask students to look for the vehicle and respond to “Who is this picking you up?” If the child does not identify the person, ID will be required.
  • Should your child/children need an early dismissal, we ask that you have them signed out in the office by 2:45 PM. We do understand some appointments may be necessary and emergencies may arise. The end of the day is a hectic time trying to make sure all students are where they need to be in order to be delivered home safely. We encourage all parents to use bus transportation for end of the day dismissal. Safety of our students and staff must be our first priority.

BUS PASSES (PLE Parent/Student Handbook pg. 26)
  • Students who wish to ride the bus home with another P.L.E. student must bring in a written note from their parent/guardian to the office. The other student must also bring in a written note from their parent or guardian. The office will issue the pass if there is room on the bus. NO BUS PASSES WILL BE ISSUED until we ascertain actual bus counts. Faxed or email requests for bus passes may not be accepted.
  • AGI Bus Passes Can Now Be Issued. To request a bus pass, send in a note clearly indicating the date, student's first and last name, bus number they will be riding and the destination and/or the student with whom they will be riding. The note must be signed by a parent/guardian. You may also print out and use the Bus Pass Request Form located at: https://www.avongrove.org/uploaded/Schools/Intermediate/Fall_Bus_Pass_Announcement_19-20SY.pdf

  • The following buses are full and no passes will be issued for them: 3, 8, 10, 11, 13, 26, 28, 38, 53

  • All other buses are near capacity and limited to 4 passes per bus. Passes for ANY groups of students (i.e. birthday parties, scout meetings, etc.) will not be issued. See the Parent/Student Handbook for request guidelines.
Check the website regularly as busses fill up and passes are no longer accepted.