Student Directory

Each family joining the PTA, for a fee of $10.00, will receive one free copy of the campus-wide Student Directory to be distributed in mid November. Non PTA members may purchase copies for $12.00.


If you choose to NOT have all your family information published in the directory, you MUST check the box when you complete infosnap. Otherwise, all family information (parents' names, home address and phone number) will be published.   The family information on file with the district (not the school) will be used in the directory.  Opt Out forms will not be sent home.

Unlisted Phone Numbers in the PLE/AGIS Student Directory
  • No unlisted phone numbers will be published in the student directory, per revised district privacy rules.
  • If you want your phone number published, you must contact the school and ask that the unlisted tag be removed from your child's/children's record. If you have children at both PLE and AGIS, you must contact both schools.
  • Use the following links to send an email to the respective attendance secretaries, who can make this change.
For PLE -->

For AGIS -->

Directory Advertising

Don't miss this opportunity to support our schools and advertise your local business.  If you are interested in advertising space in the school directory (for the 2015 - 2016 school year), please contact

Donna Paraskewich 610 255-4283
Alexa Hart 610 869-9393

AGIS/PLE Student Directory
Second Family (non/partial custodial) Information


Each year the AGIS and PLE PTAs publish a student directory that lists classroom information as well as phone lists of the students.  This will be the sixth year that will are offering the second families of children the opportunity to have their information printed in the phone section of the directory.  Basically, there would be two lines for a student in this situation; one line for each family.  Each line would list the parent’s first name, address, and phone number.  An example would be:

 SMITH                                        Susan           John 

Dick  P201       Susan: 123 Main St       WG              610-869-1111

                        John: 456 Park Ave        LU             610-255-2222

Jane  A108      Susan: 123 Main St       WG              610-869-1111

                        John: 456 Park Ave        LU             610-255-2222

The first parent listed will be the one that shares the children’s address, as listed on the school’s records.  Note that only the last name of the children will be listed, even if the parents have different last names.  We also need to limit each address line to only one parent’s name, in order to keep the same format, and thereby reduce the total number of pages, and total cost.  This is in keeping with our philosophy that the directory is student-based, for the purposes of contacting the children.

Rather than automatically include this information for all families, we are requiring that if you choose this option, you must return this form.  Again, this is for families of children that do not reside in the same household.  If you do NOT wish to have your information published, you do not need to return this form.  Please note that this is the opposite of the Opt Out forms which have been available up to this point. 

 If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Griffith 610 869-3858 .